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The Surgical Unit

At our facility, this is a medical discipline that demands the general surgeons to be familiar with treating several diseases that may require surgical treatment. It focuses primarily on dealing with abdominal organs like stomach, colon, gall bladder, esophagus, liver, bile ducts, pancreas etc. General surgery can also treat diseases that involve breast, skin, hernias, trauma and vascular pathologies. Most importantly, our general surgeons have experience and specialized knowledge about pre-operative, operative and post-operative management as well as the ability to deal with any surgical emergency.

The surgical procedures focuse on abdominal organs such as pancreas, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, appendix, bile ducts, liver, colon and small bowel etc. A general surgeon also deals with conditions involving peripheral vascular surgery, hernias, skin and breast. They also perform various endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Since surgeons can operate with enhanced precision, robotics is used in cases of general surgery such as for hernia treatment, gastric bypass and abdominal surgery.

Major Surgery

Major surgeries are usually extensive and warrant an overnight or extended stay in a hospital. These surgeries include extensive work such as entering a body cavity, removing an organ or altering the body’s anatomy. Patients undergoing major surgeries usually require anesthesia or respiratory assistance and sometimes even both.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgeries are generally superficial and do not require penetration of a body cavity. They do not involve assisted breathing or anesthesia and are usually performed by a single doctor. Examples of minor surgeries include biopsies, repairs of cuts or small wounds, and the removal of warts, benign skin lesions, hemorrhoids or abscesses.

Our Surgical Unit


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